What do you see?

I went into the clinic for an x-ray the other day and was pleasantly surprised. Normally hospitals and clinics are pretty serious and well, clinical places. Imagine my surprise when the lady doing my x-rays puts on this rather cool apron and hat; black with skulls all over it. I thought it was so awesome that someone had a sense of humour and created a relevant yet functional piece of clothing. If I was a nurse I would much rather wear an apron like that than a boring old plain black one, wouldn’t you? When I mentioned it to the nurse, she said that you wouldn’t believe how offended some people got. Now I suppose I would be completely remiss to mention that of course I get the context of death, and I know it could conjure up the image…

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Why am I here

Do you ever wonder why you’re here.    Yes, that big existential question. Although it’s a really big question, it’s also an extremely important one.  It’s one that should cause you sleepless nights, lots of mental anguish and occupy many gigs of RAM in your mind. This is what you will dedicate your life to. What you will put all your energy, effort, enthusiasm and love into. It’s worth paying some attention. It’s what will make you happy. I have spent the better part of my life trying to answer this question. I remember being really young, and sitting quietly desperate with the thought that this was all there is. I was determined to make my life mean something, so I turned into a bit of a butterfly, flitting from one exploration to the next, testing what works for me…

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Destiny or not?

About four months ago I decided I needed to give my life a reboot. Over time I had slowly stopped all the things that keep my inspired and on track. I had fallen into a bit of an abyss, lost sight of my dreams and ambitions. It was time for serious action. I found a coach, set out some clear goals and became laser focused. For me being focused and keeping my energy high is getting back into a routine. I choose mornings because that’s when I have the most energy by far.  Part of this routine is bringing my vision to life, and spending time each day focussing on how I will feel when I’ve achieved it. I did a vision board – one on my phone and a couple of months later, one in my office. I look…

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Did you ever have one of those days

Some days it’s so damn hard to stay connected to my dreams and ambitions, and others it’s super easy. Today is one of the hard ones. I feel like I’ve come to a standstill. Now that’s not always a bad thing I know, but I am one of those people who like to be busy doing. I like to feel like I’m moving forward. When my doing is minimal, I have too much time to think about how I might fail. Even though I woke up feeling this way, I was determined to start the day on the right foot. So I got up, went to pilates, ate a healthy breakfast and did my magical morning ritual. In case you’re wondering this is what works for me; I write down 3 things I am grateful for (either things I have…

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Who am I?

Today is a bit of a book review. I’ve been reading a lot lately. I think of it as an indulgence, as I have a lot going on. Then I was reminded of something a friend always says ‘if its something you really want, you’ll make time for it’ which is so true.  So I’ve made time for reading because its something that keeps me connected and grounded, which is important while life is so busy. I’m reading a book called “The untethered soul” by Michael A Singer.  It’s a goodie.  It’s not a book for the feint-hearted, purely because it hurts the brain a bit.  It asks you to consider concepts that are quite foreign in this physical world we live in. The book is centred around one question “Who am I”.  Now there’s a question that on the…

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