What to expect from me as a coach and the coaching journey

I will help you design the life & business you want

As your coach I will work with you to discover your purpose, and support you every step of the way on the journey to creating your dream life.


I will help you find your own solutions

As your coach I will ask you the tough questions, and challenge you to look at things from different perspectives. Whether you know it or not, you have all the answers you need already. You will work with me to gain the clarity and confidence you need to transform your business.

I will hold you accountable

This is a big one. As your coach I will inspire you when you need it, encourage you when you hit a roadblock and be your biggest cheerleader on your journey.  

Invest in yourself it will be the most profitable investment you’ll ever make.

Vanda Harries

Life and business architect

Let me introduce myself. I'm Vanda, founder of The Life Architect. I've worked in the corporate world for the last 30 years as a sought-after Marketing Director and Brand Builder. I have led many teams of people; this is where I discovered my passion for mentoring and coaching people. I can help you grow and develop your existing business or take the plunge to being an entrepreneur with your own business.

My Story

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