Aaah selling, one of my two favourite topics.

Can you guess what the other one is?

If you said money mindset, you get the golden buzzer!

You see they’re actually both mindset issues. Let me share with you why.

No 1:

If you can transform your money mindset and dispel all the lurking myths and beliefs in your tricky little mind, then you’ll always have enough.

Now as much as I love the money mindset philosophy, I didn’t say I always got it right.

There are times, mostly just before I’m about to invest a substantial amount of money in a coach a program or a membership, that the committee in my head spring to life “what the hell do you think you’re doing?” sneers the eternal pessimist and “who do you think you are, it’s a lot of money?” whispers my inner critic.

And although I know they aren’t real I still get swept along in the aftermath. I’m left feeling inadequate and unsure if I should just squirrel away the money I have.

What I’ve found useful in these situations is a couple of things:

  1. To remind myself of my why. To reconnect to my end game and why I’m doing all of this in the first place. To remember that it isn’t a short rally, I’m in it for the long haul. Short term pain equals long term gains.
  2. To remember my achievements, and that I CAN do this. The times I’ve been acknowledged or rewarded for something I’ve done. And equally the times I haven’t been acknowledged when I know I’ve done a stellar job. These times made me stronger and more determined.

I won’t lie to you, it doesn’t get rid of the nagging doubts altogether, but it calms me down enough to refocus. Time to reflect on why I’m investing the money. Time to weigh up what will happen if I don’t invest.

I acknowledge that it’s just my body doing its job, alerting me to perceived danger. What’s standing in my way is fear. But I know better. I know that I need to take big, bold steps to elevate my thinking and my exposure to others who are exactly where I want to be a couple of years from now.

No 2:

Understanding what you go through when you buy something helps to see exactly why selling is not a dirty word, it’s another ‘d’ word it’s delicious.

If someone has a service that will help me to grow my business and avoid some of the pitfalls, then I’m all in. I will gladly give them my money.

As long as whatever I exchange my money for is good quality, valuable and meets my expectations, I’m happy. This very often comes down to having a good conversation about results and the transformation I can expect.

Selling is about how you picture it, and what it means to you. It’s very much mindset. If you see it as sleazy and pushy it will be.

I picture my money winging its way to that special person who’s going to share their awesome knowledge and valuable input in exchange for it.

I picture myself a year from now, my business is flourishing, and so is theirs. Win-win!

Money and the exchange of it is the energy that creates all of this. An easy flow. They don’t call it cash flow for nothing.

I’d like to leave you with one last thought, and that is: The sale is the beginning of a relationship and not the end.

Pretty delicious, don’t you think!


  1. Gina Stoltz on March 31, 2020 at 6:02 am

    Thank you so much for your positive input especially in this difficult time of having to work from home as a Real Estate Agent, feeling too guilty to phone my clients at the moment with the Virus doing the rounds, and what do I say? Does it feel like I’m imposing in their private space? What must I tell my conscious mind in order to work through to my subconscious part so that something will click in my brain and I can do my telesales with confidence?

    • Vanda Harries on March 31, 2020 at 2:44 pm

      Hi Gina
      I’m so glad you found it useful. Thanks so much for taking the time to message me.

      Yes, it’s certainly a challenging time for a lot of people.

      I always think about what I would want as a client. Put yourself in their shoes. What would be useful/helpful for them right now?
      In terms of your mindset, always remind yourself of the service you provide. This is about serving others. If you come from that angle you can’t really go wrong.

      As a coach, I’ve reached out to all my existing clients to remind them I’m here if they need me. For potential new clients I’m reassuring them that things will return to some kind of normalcy and that they will still have the same business challenges, so why not use the time to build their brand. Besides transformation doesn’t happen overnight as we all know.

      I hope this helps a bit. I don’t have a magic wand I’m afraid, but if you just go with your gut feel and serve first I’m sure you’ll have happy clients.

      Let me know how it goes.

      take care & be safe

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